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well, as can been seen from the posts, there is alot that I have posted in the course of a few minutes. They are actually cut an paste from my other blog. I decided I like the look of wordpress better.

Anyway, seeing as how the third test went, I should be able to pass the test next time without fail. Now the problem is,  next week is the last week of my summer vacation (elementry school teacher ftw.) So that means in order to take the test next time, I need to take a day off work. This isnt very easy seeing as I have lessons planned all the way up till december. I dont want to inconvinece the schools but I need to pass my test. I just got a car and my international license is up. That means that in Japan, if I get caught driving without my license, I can possibly get my car impounded, a year in jail (probably deportation,) and possible something worse that I read over in my frantic search of info on the net.

The car that I bought cost ( This part is a bitch) $4500 (i still think in $)

The smog (shakken) cost $xxxx

The taxes cost $xxxx

The parking space cost $xxx for the first month and $xxx a month after

Third party insurance cost $250 for the first month and $xxx a month after

Then there is the clutch that was going bad ( didnt even let me drive the car before i bought it) $xxxx

So far we are at$xxxxx. WTF… So after borrowing a little money (don’t want to be in debt again) here and there, I have car… that I cant drive.

mood.. very depressed.

car pic

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