Thrid times a charm?

Okay so I took the test for the third time today. Unlike before I was able to do my test alot sooner than I had previously. Usually the foreigners have to wait from 1pm to 4pm to take their test. I was also able to finish the course completely today. Now going based off what they had said the second test, I shifted alot more and made my right turns smoother. And of course just as I had said, eventhough I corrected the mistakes of the previous one, the decided to nitpic my driving once again. So this time my left turns that were perfect up till now, (I did them exactly the same) are a problem spot. Soo basicly they could only come up with one thing that was wrong with my driving. Soo that means……………….

I failed again. Ofcourse driving skill and ability dont seem to be part of this test. Im starting to think that I wont be able to pass which is sad. There is nothing worse than working hard to beat a game that cant be beat. It would be better if they just told me how much money they need. I dont have much money, but I have more money than I do free time to waste on this test.

Until the next test (T_T)

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