Got my car back from Autobac’s and I can finally drive on the street.(Exedy hyper single… all the cool kids are doing it.)

*recap (eventhough I didnt say in the first place)

The clutch was extremely heavy. At high speed the clutch would slip a little. Starting in first meant that I had to almost launch it every time, making stopping on a hill scary and dangerous, considering I dont have my license yet and that would result in many bad things. (I have my US license of course)

since the car is back I was able to put in the LV shiftboot. Im not sure how the fake material would be but this stuff from the purse is tough. I havent even tried shifting with it on yet. Hoping it doesnt pop me outta gear or something.

shiftboot 003

shiftboot 004

You can see the lines in this close up of where the leather hand straps were, since this was originally a hand bag. Gf’s 40yr old LV bag that was handed down from mom. She was gonna throw it away anyway… Guess I lucked out.

shiftboot 007

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