Fourth times a charm

Ok, today was the fourth try. I was very nervous today. Unfourtunately now that summer is over I had to take a day off from work to go to the licensing center.

6am This time unlike the other times my appointment was in the morning. So I wake up at 6am feeling like crap, get in the shower    and get a call from my GF asking what time we are going to meet at the station (futamatagawa) so we can go to the licensing center. So we decide to meet at 7am.  So I shower and do whatever getting ready to go. I’m thinking to myself I don’t know what the hell Im going to do this time. I have the whole course memorized backwards and forwards (according to what I was taught.) Thinking back on my dream from last night about taking the test and somehow there were no left turns made and I failed (failed 3rd time cause my left turns were too wide.) So after reading this again which talks about the center I was at. I notice that two of the turns that I was told by my instructor to turn into the right lane, should have been turned into the left lane and turn my blinker on quickly. So I think this over and decide to give it a try. Its too much of a hassle to take a day off again so I need to give this my all today…. thought Im pretty sure I have since the beginning.

7am So I get to the center and there is a line outside of it. Looks like in the morning the center doesn’t open until about 7:30am.

7:30am So me and the GF walk the course. I pretend like I’m driving and say all the turns allowed. This time I take the turns closer and on the two turns.. turn 12, I go to the left then signal to move right. So after we go through the whole thing once we go back inside to pay 24$ so we can take the test.

8:30am The windows open so we can go and get the card for our test. The guy takes longer than usual looking at all my papers, which makes me worry a bit.

10am yes I waited for an hour and a half before I could drive. So Im told to get in the back seat for the second time with a Japanese driver taking the manual test. And like the last one, he sucked at shifting. Some people here seem to think that you can start from a stop in 2nd gear…. well its possible… but seriously… anyways he goes into the lane when a car is coming, so he automatically fails.

My turn.

So I do everything that I had been practicing. I took everything slower than the 3rd test and turned to the left lane this time the signaled to change into the right lane.  Anyways to make a long story short I finished the test pulled into the parking and he asked the Japanese driver (the one who I had just watched take the test) get out so he could talk to me about my test. He then turns to me and says (this is all Japanese by the way) you practiced a lot didn’t you. I then said yes, I practiced soo much and have been imagining driving here everyday. So he then tells me go to the windows like always and wait for the announcements. Now from the website I saw before it said that if they didn’t say anything, then that meant that I passed. So trying not to get excited because I don’t like to assume things and get my hopes up, I go to my gf and just say that he had no comments about my driving except about that I must have practiced alot.

11am So we were waiting almost 45 min for the announcements. We finally hear them say foreign license transfers. I go up to the window with everyone in the group for foreing linceses, and he pics up my paper and says….

<(^_^<)  YOU PASS!!! (>^_^)>

yay I did it. well after doing a bunch of other annoying things. I left with my license about 2pm. Im starting to think, if I didn’t pass what the hell would I do. How could I get another international license or something. Well to say the least I’m glad I didn’t have to do any of those back up plans. Not like they would have worked anyway.

cost for the day…. $21.00 for license

$24.00 to rent car

$18.00 to take test

God I don’t ever want to take that test again

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