What should have been

So I didn’t notice until after I had already bought my car, but the headlights were from a lower version of my car. I got the tourer V which is basically the sport version. Some of the cars come in manual, and all of them are turbo charged.  So anyway, about the headlights. The ones I was supposed to have were HID headlamps.  Not only were my head lamps not the HID ones ( they cost alot to get btw) to pass shaken  (like smog only stricter) the guys at the shop I bought the car from took out the high beams and conneted them to some cheap ass blinkers that had to be no more than $10 each. Anyway, I got the lamps I wanted for a good price, had the wiring fully redone, got a new fog bulb. So far the lighting is 200000x better. but that’s not saying much seeing as I had very bad headlights before.  I dont have any pictures of the lighting but here are what the headlights looked like before I installed them.


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