Bumper bust

Was gonna post this two weeks ago but got lazy

As I was driving to a restaraunt, I missed a turn and had to turn around somewhere. Unfortunately its tough to find a place to U-turn in Japan. Unless I slide the rear of my car around. Anyway, I went to this little docking area to make a U-turn and I saw a car coming from the opisite direction. I tried to make things quick by pulling into some drive way so I can make a 2 point turn instead of a 3 point turn. Turns out this drive way wasnt as flat as I thought. I tried to go up it and my bumper got caught and almost exploded. So after getting yelled at by the gf who says she is mad because my car looks too poor now or some crap, I set to fixing it the next day. I dont have the time or patience to fiberglass things and its not time to paint the car yet so for now I did a cheap fix. Zipties and a can of black paint. Bumper is on straight and little bit of sagging. Im gonna fix the sagging when my turn signals get here so i can get rid of those stupid orange blinker things on the bottom of my bumper.


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