Nothing much

Not much to write really. I bought a TRAUM shift knob and spin turn knob set, blinkers to replace those horrible orange ones on the front. Also, was reading in a VIP car magazine about toyota having painted over the chrome on grills. So I decided to take some time and strip some paint. so the results are.. (mind you i put the mark II emblem back on )

didnt finish doing the license plate… oh well.. now you know I have a 5 on my plate… ohhh

you can see the turn signals that I bought. they were about  $280… what a rip… oh well.. they look good.. (btw if you dont know what im talking about, look near my license plate.. its that clear light that if you look in previous posts were some hideous cheap orange lights.)

no pics of the shift knob… hopefully getting kouki tail lights and trunk soon… and some day wheels… god my wheels ruin my car (T_T)

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