new problems arise

1/18/10 (again lazy)

I got the car back from autobacs already. I am writing this about a week later since I spend all my time playing wow and dont care about much else. 😛 So anyway, I got the car back. I turned out that the Iccv? one or 2 c’s cant remember. Anyway because of this valve, the car was not correctly idling. They cleaned it then told me that because Autobacs does shakken there, they cannot fix anything else on my car. Since my Exhaust has no resonator (had no idea- no complaints though.)
The next thing that has happened is one of my HID bulbs going out. It went out completely then came on pink. Which apparently is the sign that the bulbs are about to kick the bucket. So I need to either go grab some of the made in china bulbs.. (there not bad but not the best) or pay $150 for a new bulb. If I get the chinese ones, I can get them in blue green whatever up to 12000k which is purple. They do look cool but the down side is that that color spectrum will aparetnly cause eye fatigue. I already wear glasses that Im not supposed to be wearing 24/7 which makes my eyes tired and playing pc games all day doesnt help. Ill probably go for something similar to the Philips which are about 4000k which basicly emulates day light. ahh soo many choices soo little money (T_T)

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