1/7/10 (date i wrote it, was too lazy to post it though)

Havent written much lately due to a lack of funds. Meaning that I dont really have any money to buy anything new for my car at the moment (T_T). My parents came to visit me last week and during that time my car started to have some strange problems.
These are the symptoms,
1) After pushing the pedal harder than usual (which i do often so maybe not harder than usual) I would shift out of gear and come to a stop. The car would be idling at about 300rpm.
2) While idling at 300 rpm the voltage would be at about 11volts (no ac or headlights on just a navi)
* So the first thing that I checked was the battery. The connector was lose so i thought that might simply be the problem.  I went to Autobacs (no tools otherwise i woulda happily wasted my vaction problem solving) and they checked my battery for me. There were no problems. They also fixed the connection so that it was secure. After they fixed the connection I drove to a resturaunt near by to have lunch.
The car stalled 5 times on the way there.
When leaving the restaurant, the car started and idled at 2200rpm (no ac on or headlamps)
I put the car in gear and the car pulled (i wasnt even on the gas)
After checking many forums and whatnot, I thought it might be the icv valve. Of course I wasnt sure where it was located on my car but found out quite soon.
To make this long story short (well to just finish it) I left my car at Autobacs, they will find the problem, steal all my monies, and change my timing belt, water pump ect….. Im gonna  be broke. Its worth it though… right? lol

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