Nothing new

Haven’t had anything to post since this blog is about my car and I haven’t done anything with it due to lack of funds. I moved and kind of have a drive way but car is too low to get up it. So for me this is a moral dillema. Which part exactly has to do with morals I cannot say.

I either raise my car, or take off the bumper each time I have to park it which is a total pain. I don’t want to raise it considering that at the moment I still feel it needs to be lower.

Other than that one of my HIDs is burning out so I need to waste another few hundred just to replace them as well as fix my jacked up bumper. (T-T)

I might quit WoW. That’s new if you have ever played. We’ll see how long that lasts………

Just cause I like it some tuned Japanese truck I saw. I think it’s Nissan. Was loud as hell.

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