Tail lights

So its been a long past 2 months or so. No money for car, barely enough money after the move. Just barely got my paycheck and already spent my budget. What choice did I have….. rarely see the light with the trunk for sale. not only that but after breaking a bracket on my headlights, i found the same ones in better condition than the ones i had bought for 1/3rd the price. anyway…. i put the tail lights on. sadly a 5 hour process. Reason being that it took a bit of time to lift the thing myself and I took time and car to remove everything carefully instead of just breaking things off like I normally do. So at the end I have a nice set of Kouki tail lights installed. Waiting to find a front bumper mount… or the bar that goes there that isn’t there which is why the headlight bracket broke apparently. more on that another time… maybe a few months later…. been playing WOW way too much lately… anyway some pics.

HALF WAY THROUGH  (yes the trunk is purple….)

FINISHED PROJECT…. for now… gonna get rid of Toyota emblem when i can afford paint..

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