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More nothing posts with pics

So despite lack of funds for my car hobby (a nice way to put it) I have constantly been searching for a shop that does upholstery for cars in Japan.  I keep reading VIP magazines and can never find and … Continue reading

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ThemeAs a result of having this blog for …. what like a year or so, and having minmal updates due to laziness and a wow addiction, I have not really followed a theme. First this was

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Useless post

I moved my blog a few months back because I forgot the pass to this one. That should explain the (original post xx/xx/xxxx) in the titles. Also the messed up font which I have no idea how to fix.

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Floor Mats (Original post 11/06/2010)

Well despite low funds I was recently able to get a set of Karoism floor mats for my car. Now about $400 may seem like a bit much. But for something done right, it’s 100% worth it. The original mats … Continue reading

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Updates… something happening… possibly (Original post 11/02/2010)

Due to my wow addiction, general laziness, and a company I work for’s shady practices, I have not had time or money to do anything for a couple of months. *update* After the whole thing with the dash board repair.

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Nagoya… then Osaka (Original post 08/10/2010)

Ok its almost 4am and vaction time.. having trouble sleeping… and when I wake up Im just going to play wow so its now or never. So im playing wow and after a raid about 12am, GF whispers me in … Continue reading

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Dash Lift (Original post 08/10/2010)

Well I kinda found out after I bought the car that it has a notorius defect. That Defect is dash lift. By this I mean that near the defrostervents, the vinyl coverying the dash is seperating from the dash. This … Continue reading

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Money orz (Original post 06/22/2010)

Sadly you need money to do everything. We all know this. Some try to ignore this fact… –> Me. Anyway another month is almost

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New Month (Original post 07/06/2010)

So another month has started. This time I have a bit more money than last month. However unless I want a repeat of last month I need to stay on top of myself and learn to save. Having said that, … Continue reading

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The longest month (original post 06/28/2010)

This has been the longest month ever. So far I have had no more than $500 to live off of after rent. The $500 has to be used for transportation and bills that I have yet to pay. I usually … Continue reading

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