Dash Lift (Original post 08/10/2010)

Well I kinda found out after I bought the car that it has a notorius defect. That Defect is dash lift. By this I mean that near the defrostervents, the vinyl coverying the dash is seperating from the dash. This is due to toyota using cheap 3m double sided tape or something I heard. Well ofcourse Toyota had a recall on this…….. 10years ago. So a bit too late to do that now.  Well seeing as there was no information on the net about how to remove the dash exaclty. I dicided to take it upon myself to do a DIY writeup with step by step picks. Well I took the picks and I got the dash seperated and could pull it out of the car ……….IF there werent a million wires that I dont want to mess with. I disconeccted most of the harness, but there were parts that I just dont want to mess with. I actually took more apart then it shows in the picture.  I was able to put glue and whatnot and it went down a bit.  In my frustration I did something stupid that I thought would work.

And that was………screws into the dash…..god im dumb… but it was 3 hours 100degrees outside and some old guy staring at me for 3 days. thats 3 hours a day BTW.  So anyway… funny story the screws went into the dash but dissapeared under the vinyl… so basicly went right through the vinyl and did nothing.

So for now I ordered a dash mat… its nice (should have done in the first place)  and that will cover the mistake for a while… its not that noticable actually but just one of those little things that annoys you little by little till you go crazy.

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