Floor Mats (Original post 11/06/2010)

Well despite low funds I was recently able to get a set of Karoism floor mats for my car. Now about $400 may seem like a bit much. But for something done right, it’s 100% worth it.

The original mats were worn through, old, and dirty in such a way that could not be cleaned. As a result I thought I would buy a set of the supermade front floor mats. That cost about $100. After about 2 weeks, (not sure the correct term) lint or fuzz started to come up from the mats. Whether or not this was normal I dont know. But I was not happy. So eventually I was able to get the mats that I originally wanted that I decieded were a bit to rich for my blood. As a result carpets cost me 500$ instead of the $400 it would have cost had I bought the better ones the first time. This doesnt mean more expensive = better, but cheaper isnt always the best decision even when low on funds.

No in car pics at the moment… not sure if there ever will be … im very lazy…

here are pics in the bag they came though… yay?

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