Nagoya… then Osaka (Original post 08/10/2010)

Ok its almost 4am and vaction time.. having trouble sleeping… and when I wake up Im just going to play wow so its now or never.

So im playing wow and after a raid about 12am, GF whispers me in game, “tomorrow were going to Nagoya.”

I was kind of suprised but I thought what the hell, im on vacation and I dont want to think back and realize i wasted a month vacation in front of my laptop, so I said ok.

Well anyone who knows me… most dont…. I hate travel. I will probably complain about everything I can. However there is a loophole. My GF out complains me, so in the end I have to act positive to counteract the negativity… strange right.

Well didnt do much in nagoya. Stayed at a nice Hotel 2 nights… I brought my laptop since we had a raid the next night. I cant really remeber what we did…. I bought some cool rayban sunglasses that the GF really likes on me. They stand out a lot but whatever I like them.

soo.. hmmm what happend next was she said ah since were here anyway might as well go to osaka…. so thats what we did. This led to the most problems on the trip and to the GF hating Osaka… minus the awesome food. lol.  Main problem was hotel room did not look the same as was pictured on the internet when she booked the room. That and some guy at the jewlery store being an Ass and having an attitude… kinda too bad. She was totally gonna buy some $500 ring if he hadnt been an ass. His loss. Ah there was some store selling shoes for like 10$ sparkly high heels and whatnot.. so she got like 3 pair.

and what else happend…. ate Okonomiyaki… I have to admit.. it was really really good. I didnt even have to put Mayonase on it. Gf then had some takoyaki but I dont like Tako so i didnt eat.. She enjoyed eating them a little too much (>_>;) if you catch my drift.

So returned the next day and didnt leave for the next two days lol.  I need to exercise bad I have no energy… to even walk outside.. but then again hot and humid… is hot and humid.

ill post pics with details later.  lots of comments…

it is now later…

Park near Nagoya Station

Entrance to the park at Nagoya Station

Some Unagi Place I had to eat because its some food thats.. umm native? to nagoya… no idea… if you havent guessed GF is from Nagoya

The food I had to eat

(Apparently the way to eat this is first with the unagi (eel) with green tea in a bowl, then with rice added to the second pice, then with rice only. After that you can eat how you want. But it has to be that order.)


Name of this okonomiyaki ya is written somewhere here…. but wow…. when they say the okonomiyaki is better in Osaka… they arent joking

I would have taken more/cooler pics but all I had at the time was my Iphone.

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