New Month (Original post 07/06/2010)

So another month has started. This time I have a bit more money than last month. However unless I want a repeat of last month I need to stay on top of myself and learn to save.

Having said that, I havent bought any new car parts in about 3 months. Im not counting the timing, belt and water pump, even though they are nessesary.  Im not sure what I want to get next. Whatever I decide will take a bit of pocket money.

Here is the line up

Power FC          (fuel controller as well as other things)

Wheels             ( My car will look even sexier)

Body Kit          (I have one…. but not one that looks good, sadly this will require addtional funds
for paint)

Ganador         (side mirrors that look awesome)

Karismo            (Spelling error? floor mats that are awesome and super  expensive)

Dash                (Need to fix the dash lifting near wind-shield, not even sure
how much this costs. Could probably do it myself……….but do I want to?)

And thats about it. I guess dash would be the best thing to do…. but god im soo tired and not in the mood to deal with people giving me the run around. We’ll see what happens, and I’ll try to post more…. If I can stay awake long enough.

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