The longest month (original post 06/28/2010)

This has been the longest month ever. So far I have had no more than $500 to live off of after rent. The $500 has to be used for transportation and bills that I have yet to pay. I usually like to pay on time but looks like ill have to be late with stuff this month (T-T). Missing the days when I could live at home for free and get fed.<

Paycheck is coming soon and depending on how things go I might end up buying a set of Ganador side mirrors. Up until this point every car I have ever had has looked like crap and gave me probem after problem. This car like the others has the problems, but I feel while it sometimes sits there not moving it might as well look good. Sadly wheels are a long way off.

I saw a leak from under my car about 3 days ago. It left a puddle in a parking lot. I looked like it could be coming from the tansmission but it was a little to far to the left to be the Tranny imo. Also I smelled the liquid and it just smelled like water. So for now Im hoping it was just water since it had been raining earlier that day.

Hard parking… (not so hard… (T-T) )

These pictures show just how bad my wheels are…. I saw a pair of SSR angle minerva (did i spell that right) $400….. too bad im broke… thats with tires too.

/roll  (1-100)  “come on daddy needs a new set of wheels, rear bumper, and dash fixed”

[o] [o]   “damn snake eyes”

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