Updates… something happening… possibly (Original post 11/02/2010)

Due to my wow addiction, general laziness, and a company I work for’s shady practices, I have not had time or money to do anything for a couple of months.


After the whole thing with the dash board repair. (guess i only posted pictures) I was unable to succesfully repair the dashboard. I am also in no mood to take another crack at the task. So I decided buying a dash mat would be best. (Ill post pics later) Along with the dash mats, I purchased some new floor mats. Ofcourse $100 is a bargin…. or so it would seem, but I im unimpressed with the quality of floor mats I recived. They do not have the mounting whole, like the OEM toyota mats, and the material does not seem durable to last longer than perhaps a few months of daily driving. I have hair or removed fibers from the floor mats all over my interior.

So at the moment I have ordered a set of Karoism Floor mats. Pretty much the only company in Japan that makes them. They ran about $369. Which when they get here Im sure I will feel is more worth it. If I had just bought the good ones to start off with I would be out $369 and not $469. Even if its expensive, its best to buy things once…. A lesson I have learned many times. However this time having no prior Knowledge of floor mat quality made a simple mistake. More research is needed I guess. But then again who doesnt want to save a little money here and there.

Other than the mats, when I find the time I will be pulling apart my headlights and cleaning them. Though there are countless writeups on how to do this, I will do my best to document it in an annoyingly detailed way. DIY for idots is something I wish there was everywhere since people from different countries, even states and cities use different slang and termanalogy for the same things… ok.. im done rambling.

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