ThemeAs a result of having this blog for …. what like a year or so, and having minmal updates due to laziness and a wow addiction, I have not really followed a theme. First this was gonna be about my car. Then about Japan. Then about cars in general. I can’t really commit to a theme since I havent been able to quit wow just yet. So for the moment well just make this about me. Again I’m going to go back and place pics in all of my posts.  While I beilive those who stuble accross this blog will be quite litterate, pictures make the reading less boring.So heres to a new year….. I’ll try not to be lazy…. have to go to gym with GF… (T-T)

Updated interior pics and some others

Promised interior pics

First time engine pics… I know its dirty

My exhaust Clearence.. no cat.. smog (shakken) coming up soon… /cry

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