More nothing posts with pics

So despite lack of funds for my car hobby (a nice way to put it) I have constantly been searching for a shop that does upholstery for cars in Japan.  I keep reading VIP magazines and can never find and shop names that do upholstery. They might be there but nothing was said in their name nor were there pictures implying they do upholstery.  So browsing through a Skyline R32 Hyper rev, I saw a section about upholstery. This was for those who kept the original interior and wanted to refresh (their term not mine) by using suede or whatnot for dash, doors, seats…ect. So I took a look at the site to see what they could do. I have yet to work out most of the details but my plan is to get the dash covered in Alcata (cant remember the name.. its fake suede that is resistant to wear by exposure to the sun). And to go buy another 300$ used bride seat to match the old one I have and get those recovered.  I hope to get the interior to feel a bit sporty / luxurious. If I ever get around to drifting this thing… well that seems along way off.  Would like the car mechanically sound before I start destroying it… assuming I get carried away and love tap the wall… or even have the money to do anything than drive from point a to b

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