V- Day

So, it was valentines day last night. It was cold, raining (actually snowing but rain by the time it hit the ground) when I left the house. Went to meet Gf in Yokohama. Apparently we didn’t make reservations at the French restaurant that we normally go to on anniversaries and whatnot.

We ended up going to a restaurant on the 28th floor of some hotel. Hilton, sheraton? don’t remember. We walked in and got seats since it was about 5pm and most people were still working. Our seats were at the Teppan (think Benihana’s without the cool knife flipping.)

Apparently I was told that I just had to try the Matsuzaka-gyu. Im not big on steak but the GF was swearing its the best. Better than Kobe-gyu (which I have also never had.)

So after a meal of about an hour and a half, asking for things to be substitutted because my stomach couldnt handle them. Our bill came somewhere aroung $460. ……. lol OMG……  I woulda been happy with a 20$ pizza.  But when you look at the atmosphere, meaning the restaurunt as well as the weather (lightly snowing,) it was very romantic and a memory that will get better as time goes on.

As for the steak, I gotta be honest. I am not a fan of steak. I have never been a fan of steak. And will never be one. The reason being that no matter how I have had it (other than when marinated) it has no distinct flavor of its own. Im naturally used to strong flavors, so if there is one, I’m not tasting it. Second reason, most steak is too chewy. I always have to spend 5 min chewing one peice. And by that time it’s still not broken down enough to swallow.

Now about this special steak, I will admit it took less time to chew, it was very tender, and the best steak I have ever had. However, that does not mean I will go out and order it again. Other than the price, like stated before, steak just ain’t my thang’.

And some pictures for those of you who wish to enhance your reading experience or were too lazy to read everything above.

Sorry couldnt find camera. Everything is with my Iphone (T-T)

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