It Snows here…. apparently

Well today it started snowing again, so I thought I would post pictures of when it was snowing in January. I’ve been here for almost 3 years and this is the second time it has snowed.

On a seperate topic, I bought some wheels. YAY v(^-^)v. Hopefully the guy who I bought them from doesn’ttry to do anything shady. For the most part the wheels will be almost perfect fitment. I might need to puta spacer up front, and the rear fenders will almost definately need to be pulled. The down side is…….the wheels don’t come with tires.
So here’s the main reason this dude might not be trustworthy. In the auctions post there was nothing sayingthat it was the wheels alone. But apparently changed it to say it wasnt coming with tires if you didn’t choosethe buy it now option (Yahoo Auctions.) The buy out price was $1600, I won the Auction for $1500. So I’m likeok, ill give you the extra $100. And he says if you want the tires it will be an Extra $250…… yeah not paying$250 for tires with unknown condition. I’ll admit I’m curious what tire size he had in the pictures since I’mvery bad with tire sizes and knowing which to get.
Anyway the wheel Specs are

Agle Minerva SSR SL disc

19 x 9  +37 (i think) gonna need a spacer (T-T) 15mm maybe

19 x 10 +11
probably need spacers on the front to get flush and pull the rear. gonn try to tuck in the rear if i can, hopefully withoutcrazy Neg. Camber.

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