Earthquake news and whatnot.

Didn’t really feel like posting this here because this information is everywhere, but just for the hell of it I’ll do some recapping.

****Warning VERY LONG. Starts off Detailed then becomes Vague. ******

March 11 2:58ish pm

I was getting stuff ready for when I was going to leave school. Usually get off at 3:30 but pack early and do my paper work until time to clock out. Well I was talking to the teachers about what, I can’t remember, when my desk started to shake softly. Then it started to shake harder. There where Tv’s mounted from the sealingin the teachers room that started shaking violently. I looked to the teachers because I wasn’t sure what to do. They usually have earthquake drills butI wasn’t sure if they were going to call for an earthquake drill or not. Thinking that the buildings are old and things could come down, I grabbed my phone and wallet. If worst came to worst, I would atleast have my legal Idetification on me and not be S.O.L. later.

So as we stood there a few people got under the desks, of course that wouldn’t help since the desks aren’t that strong. But there isn’t much else to do. I kind of wonder sometimes if getting under the desk is kinda like the whole airplane thing where in the event of a crash you have to grab your ankles and put your head down. Anyway it stopped after about a good 30 sec or so I would say. Then the teachers made and announcement and turned on the TV’s. There was a tsunami warning coming. I didn’t know at the time where the warnings were for but I think now it was Chiba, Aomori, and Sendai.

So after the earthquake 6.6 where it reached me and being said to be 9.0 at the epicenter there were a few after shocks the rest of the day. The first 3or so after shocks felt almost as strong as the earthquake itself. So I left school about 3:40 a little shaken and went to the local station. When I got there there was about 50 or so people waiting outside the station and a sign that said that all trains were stopped. I was going to take a picture but since most of the people there probably know me (kids parents and whatnot who I don’t know, but being 1 of 5 white people in the whole city, I’m easily recognized.) so instead I thought, I’m just gonna walk to the next station towards my house and by the time I get there, maybe things will be running.

So I began to walk while trying to call my Girlfriend to see if she was safe. I checked my phone and the internet still worked so I went to my car forum and posted to see what was happening with all the other guys on the forum who are living in Japan.  (To sum that part up a lot of info is being posted there which has helped me find out about a lot of stuff which has helped me not to stress too much.) By the time I got to the next station I noticed that the station was full. I decided what the hell, I’ll just walk all the way home.

About an hour and a half later (I stopped for lunch because I was tired. Was worried about GF but there was nothing broken in this area, so as long as she didn’t go anywhere that day she should be safe,) I got home. My GF was worried and told me about what was happening when I got home. I had a 4 day weekend ahead of me, which was spent sleeping and going back and forth to the grocery stores and whatnot stocking up on water and other foods.

Skipping ahead to today the 15th, there has been a lot of things that have happened. At the moment, based on reading information I believe to be true, there shouldn’t be much to worry about from the nuclear reactors which had their cooling system broken due to the earthquake.  Of course I’m still skeptical since you can’t trust everything you see on TV. And for the news this is Christmas since they get a lot of viewers. The worse things are, the better for the news. As a result, I’m sure somethings are gettingblown out of proportion. There are planned rolling balckouts that are going to take place until the end of April I bielive.

(I wrote a lot in one sitting so I will come back later and add more from here if there is anything to add. Here are some pictures and videos I took)

Recap on Tv in the morning 2 days ago. Watch in this order. Might be hard to see. Sorry.

This first picture shopping was taken on the 11th at about 9pm

And on the 14th 3 days later. Nothing stocked because all the trucks and everything are stopped. Traffic problems or other reasons.

And the last photos are of the Train station I live by. People lining up to get on the train. It might be hard to see but the line starts from down stairs and snakes back towards the right along a bridge. The line in the very back on the left side is for a local bakery. People want to get the bread because I keeps better than other foods. or it could snake around the other way back into the station. Don’t know because I saw the line and just walked home. GF had to cancel her trip to Kyushu with her father because she couldn’t make the flight.

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3 Responses to Earthquake news and whatnot.

  1. Eric says:

    Well, looks like i’m not going in April anymore…

    Are you’re parents still going to come visit you?

    How are those rolling black outs? 3-4 hours at a time 2 times a day?

    • akuko says:

      Blackouts haven’t started yet. As far as I know in my area it will be 2x a day. I belive they will still be coming but not positive.

  2. Donna Brass says:

    The empty stores are one of the reasons that the u.s. Issued a travel restriction….i believe and a secondary reason might be the trains.

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