Starting off on the wrong foot

Well I honestly don’t have much to say. The Earthquakes are still occuring every now and then. Government might be taking over and shutting down the nuclear power plants for good. Not sure cause I’m not paying attention. For the moment I have lost all interest in playing WoW. And for the first time in 3 years I overselpt and didn’t go to work. Very very embarassed and leaving me with an anxious feeling at the moment.

As for the car…..

Still tough saving money like usual. I have to get the car ready for shaken within the next 2 months. That will cost me about $1000. Not to mention having

to raise the car, and change to a legal exhaust. Then for the wheels. Need to buy tires, wheel spacers, possibly bigger front fender, then pay for fenders to be pulled and alignment. $1500 for wheels, $800 to get them on…..

and for a totally unrelated picture… possibly. Need to find something brb.

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