Stuff still happening.. kinda

Trying to keep this as a strictly car related blog (and when I say related I mean only to
my car,) I end up with very little to post since I have no money to do anything to my car.
Recently though, since I’ve finally recieved a full paycheck, I have been able to buy a few
things. However most of the money is going to shaken. If you don’t know what shaken is,
is basicly a vehicle saftey inspection along with emissions test. Unlike smog in the
states where they just test your emissions, they test ride height of the vehicle, lighting,
exhaust…. and it costs about $1000. Thats just the price to take the tests, if I fail, which
means that I dont have to pay again just fix whatever needs to be fixed.

That would mean possibly 2 things Tires and breaks. another $600 possibly. Aside from
that I have had to repair many things that were not connected and change things that
needed to be changed. I had blue LEDs in my position lamp, so I changed those to white.
I also connected the front lower turn signals. Unfourtunately I accidentally bought red
bulbs instead of orange, so another $10 wasted. I also bought another exhaust which Im
going to have to keep in storage for the future to take Shaken again. Hopefully I can
pass with this exhaust, I really dont want to speand another $500 for a new exhaust just
to pass. I like my illegal exhaust best, and obviously after the test Im going to swap it out.

So far Items that were purchased this month are

HKS super silent high power Exhaust $99
Rain Visors (for doors) $60
Zenki Turn signals $40
Red Bulbs $10
Orange Bulbs $17

Would have cost alot more had I not found a good deal on the exhaust and had I bought
the turn signals new or paid someone to do the wiring for me. Which reminds me, one
thing that has been pissing me off about Japan lately. People seem to think that if you
are not qualified ( in the profession or have attended school) for something then there is
no way you can do it ect….. Long story short, was gonna get a ReinHard Dual exhaust
$600, but the people on the phone and the trouble of contacting them made me not want
to do buisness with them. I mean the girl tried to tell me that I couldnt put on an
exhaust by myself and to go to a car shop, then said the exhaust wouldnt fit with a
body kit…….. I mean really…. I was at a loss for words. This type of thing happens to
me all the time with just about anything. Computer parts, car stuff, game stuff, house
related things.

Anyway, some pics.

Window visors (they let you leave the window open a bit when it is raining so you can
get some air in the car without the rain.)

And the exhaust I wanted to get but wont cause customer service sucks

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