Shaken DONE!!!

\I’m soo relived that I finally got shaken done and over with. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be and things worked out to be a little bit cheaper.  The jerks at Autobacs caused me alot of problems that made me wonder where most places bend the rules and whatnot…ect… as well as what I can get away with.

I ended up getting shaken done at a shop called Julius. When I used to drive my 240sx (180sx) in the states I had really wanted their bodykit. Was kinda cool to find out that they weren’t located to far from me and had a special price for shaken for jzx100’s.   I didn’t end up having to change my exhaust because they had one there that they were nice enough to swap for the testing then put my ummm “legally frowned upon” exhaust back on.

I had ended up putting the front blinkers with bulbs on my car by myself previous to going there because at the time I did not know that that shop did shaken nor of its existence anywhere near where I live.  Like usual trying to get things done Autobacs was less than helpful and did nothing but waste my time. I’m not even sure I want to buy things from them anymore.

Anyway, since I’m babling, I throw in the fact that I got a Chideji (digital signal) antena in my car so that I can see TV in my car now that the signal has been changed.

Summary, Shaken done, Julius is my favorite shop atm thanks to all their help (well his since there was only one guy) and time to well save money to get the wheels I bought in march on my car.

Went to the Ramen Park near Minami Machida. I couldn’t get up the parking space curb because there was no grip on the dirt and my bumper was catching. ( not as low as I want but I passed shaken at that height…. I think, well I doubt it was raised then re-lowered otherwise I woulda been charged extra)

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