Somewhat useless

Well I barely post on this blog, so that makes it somewhat useless. The updates are barely once a month if that. But for the time being I’ll continue to post stuff here at random intervals until I am finally able to do something with my car, or go outside and time some interesting pictures.

Good news, I did go to the 1JZ meeting this year. I got to see alot of really awesome X100’s and a few c35 laurels that were in the parking lot. Perhaps they came to visit their x100 friends or something.

Bad news, I did not take enough pics. Perhaps I was intimidated by all the dudes looking at me weird when I got up close to take pics of their cars. Or perhaps the weird looks were because of my sunburn (which I didn’t even realize until the day was almost done.)

Because of the embarrassment of looking at my car next to all these sexy daily drivers who didn’t even enter into the show part of the meeting, the GF OK’ed my dropping some cash on a body kit. Despite not being able to have a decent one for a long time, I have been researching (staring at millions of pics) of Jzx100 mark II body kits. I have for many many many reasons, as well as personal opinion (obviously) decided on getting a Traum Type II body kit. normal retail is about $1900 ish i think for dollars, but because it was the 1jz meeting we got a special price and got it for $1100 shipped. So saved $800. yay?!?!

Still havent put the wheels on my car ROFL. I gotta get that done.

and a pic for those who don’t wanna read. (I gotta make a water mark so no one steals my pics)

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