Worst Blog ever

Sorry this has to be the worst blog ever. I offer absolutely nothing of importance to anyone, let alone update it often enough to have any readers.

However for my 2 avid readers (1 of the being myself) I shall document some of the action from the 1jz meeting. I knew I wouldn’t take enough pictures when I go there. And when I left I felt I didn’t take enough. I had the feeling that I was viewing everything through the camera instead of enjoying being there. Some of the dudes felt like they were mad dogging me when I was shooting their cars so I tried to do shit quick. Doesn’t help that I’m one of like 7 foreigners there and I have a super gnarly sunburn that makes me stand out among the rest.

As this was my first time going, I had no idea what traffic would be like or what would be happening. So I decieded to get there when the gates opened(not the best idea)

Parking lot at about 6:30am

That’s me parked on the far right of this pic

The pits at about 7:20ish

The Driver briefing and general Announcements

 I couldn’t stop laughing because most of these guys sounded so unmotivated… tension hikui? low tension

MC: (loud voice)  OHAYOGOZAIMASU                             The crowd: (2people mumble) ohayoooo

Ill post the all of 3 or 4 car pics I took after I edit out their plate numbers.

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