How Lazy?

Unbelivablely lazy. It should be a suprise that I even took the time to put 1 coat of spray paint on the kit without sanding it. Do I know how to do it right? yes I do. can I do it? Yes I can. Will I do it? Highly unlikely.

2As we know its been about 2-3 years now since ive had the car. In that time I have

Bought (in $ if it was like…. 3 years ago when the $ was close to the yen.)

New clutch (Exedy Hyper Single)   $1500 (payed for install too)

New Wheels (Angle Minerva 19×9 +37 19×10+11) Still not mounted.. almost a year  $1400

Caroism Floor mats (Present from GF) $350

Traum Type II body kit (mounted and poorly painted)  $1170 (gotta it cheap because of 1JZ meeting

New Timing belt, water pump. $1200

Shaken $900

New Suede Nardi Steering wheel. $280

Traum Shift Knob and Spin turn knob $80

2 sets of Tourer V HID headlamps $150 and $250 =400$ spent

Traum Clear Corners and Turn signals  $129 and $80?

Kouki rear taillights and trunk (used) $100

Car Koubo Shakotan Exhaust. $500

Chideji Tuner (digital tuner for navi) $200

Eclipse Navi $1100

Bliz turbo timer $300ish?

Total- $9689... WOW but againthats over the course of 3 years. So not too bad i guess. less than most people.

Looking at my car, its seems that I haven’t done much. But after looking at that list, it appears that I have done quite a lot and spent more money that I thought I was. Ofcourse normal maintainence takes quite a bit of my cash. Other than the taillights and the head lamps, everything I bought for the car was Brand new.  So not being able to buy a crap load of things for cheap, I took the route of being patient and buying the right thing once instead of crap multiple times then the right one eventually. The second method costs quite a bit more.

So having said all that, here are pics (not good ones becuase the old dude was staring at me again and I didn’t want him to come and talk to me again. I was also carrying a bag of  icecream which was melting so I had to make things quick.)

And the old DMAX crappy kit waiting for me to pawn it off at UPgarage for little or no money (I have no space where I live)

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