1JZ meeting Videos

I have posted links to others pictures from the 1jz meeting this year. I have yet to finish water marking and deleting license plates in my pictures. Once done I will probably slowly post them. I will be posting the pictures here, and in another blog that I have. However I will be doing them 2 different ways.

Way 1 (this blog) I will post everything here in the order I took them so that those who want can see everything “kinda” like they were there. And there will be alot of writing no one cares about.

Way 2 (other blog) I will post everything by car ie.. cresta, chaser x100 x81 x90 ect…..

For now.. here are some videos. Please understand that these were taken using a digital camera. The more I zoomed in. the shakier the camera became. I’m sorry if some get headaches and whatnot.

Here we go……… (youtube made them worse i think by fixing the shaking…. hang in there)

*Edit….. most vids are boring…. comments are kinda in their titles… try to enjoy… i guess

This one is of the drivers pulling out of the pit for the first run on the track of the day.  Again… wish I had a camcorder.

Here’s one in the parking lot later in the day. Just thought I would put it here since like the video above, nothing is being done other than moving a bit.

View in the pits to give you a feel

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