[Part 1] 6am Departure

Well this isn’t gonna be that exciting. I have been super lazy in editing cause of games… ect.. blah blah.. anyway

This is the first part of… umm 12 parts I guess.

This is me leaving at 6am (instead of like 4am like last year.) Granted I will be leaving alot of pictures out that are either redundant or not worth posting. For now just 2 pics (sorry for the quality.
On the way there (at 6am mind you) I passed many jzx100’s. Not like 100 or so.. but every 30 ish cars I passed there was one jzx100,81 or 90. This particular 100 I had to get a picture of. I was slammed soo low that sparks were coming out from under it almost the whole way. Because of my stiff springs alot of the pictures while driving go f*ed up.

Saw this guy later at the track (more pics to come doing chronological order)

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